Madison Street Capital Continues To Build On Its Reputation By Providing Advisory Services For Another Big Transaction

The Madison Street Capital reputation is that of a firm that has a complete commitment to providing the best in client services. The respected investment banking outfit has staked its reputation on its dedication to integrity as well as the excellent leadership structure that guides the company. Advisory services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, as well as valuation services and financial advisory, are the major areas where Madison Street Capital helps its client base. The clients that utilize the services offered by Madison Street Capital have come to trust that the firm is always looking out for their best interests. This is due to the consistent demonstration of dedication that Madison Street Capital has become well known for.


One of the most prominent pieces of advisory services that Madison Street Capital has recently engaged in is with the firm’s assistance of Sachs Capital Group in order to help them take their subsidiary RMG Networks to the private realm. Financing services were provided by Merion Investment Partners and Virgo Capital. Barry Petersen headed up the Madison Street team that assisted Sachs Capital Group. Barry is the Senior Managing Director for the firm. The overall announcement of Madison Street Capital’s involvement was put out to the public by CEO Charles Botschway. The team at Sachs Capital was very happy with the services that Madison Street Capital provided and this sentiment was expressed by that company’s CEO Gregory Sachs. For his part in this matter, Barry Petersen has expressed the fact that it was a pleasure to worth alongside the Sachs Capital team.


Sachs Capital Group has built its reputation on being a partner that can be counted on. The company is known for offering capital to entrepreneurs in a number of manners that include non-control and control based capital solutions. The firm is also noted for its flexibility and has an investment model that relies on discipline and value. Long-term appreciation of capital is a major focus of the team at Sachs Capital Group.


RMG Networks is a company that has made its focus in the area of innovating beyond the traditional methods of communication in a way that helps to increase overall productivity in the business world. The company accomplishes this through the use of digital messaging. RMG Networks is also known for offering an accountability point that is of a singular nature and applying this to data visualization in an integrated manner.


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