Jana Lightspeed: An Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Jana Messerschmidt was a graduate of BS Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois but then she gravitated towards business management focused on technology. Jana was involved in enterprise sales, strategic partnerships and partner engineering for various companies. Coming from a Computer Engineering background, Jana Messerschmidt believes that every person involved in tech operations should have knowledge of basic coding.

Jana Messerschmidt is not your average investor, and she is right at the corner of engineering and product business. Jana Messerschmidt joined Lightspeed after years of experience in investing and advising start-up companies, serving as an engineer, holding positions in business development, marketing and sales throughout her whole career. Jana Messerschmidt, prior to joining Lightspeed, worked with big companies like Twitter and Netflix. Jana now serves as one of the powerhouse individuals of Lightspeed, and because of her excellent and exquisite performance at the company, some colleagues are actually calling her Jana Lightspeed.

Jana Lightspeed is also part of #Angels. #Angels is a collaboration of experts and experienced operators that invest in ideas and teams that have great goals that aim to uplift the community and society. A lot of companies have raised money through #Angels, these companies use #Angels to help them get the investments that they need to further their company. #Angels has been part of raising money for companies like: Anchorage, Modern Fertility, One Concern, Coin Base, Brandless, Buoyant and Prefer. Jana Messerschmidt works with co-partners: April Underwood, Chloe Sladden, Jessica Verrilli, Katie Stanton and Vijaya Gade in running #Angels. The main goal of #Angels is to get more women on the table of success through supporting their start up companies. She is a supporter of equality, inclusivity and wants to represent the minority in their venture in creating wealth, success in their companies and in life.

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