Secure Your Finances With NexBank

The popular NexBank financial group is based in Dallas, Texas. They’re one of the top online financial groups in the financial network with over 345,000+ customers. Their financial group protects their patrons with ample assets and FDIC insurance. You can rest easy knowing your money is safe. In fact, the NexBank financial group puts your money to work for you with features like their interest bearing saving accounts. You can also participate in their business financial accounts and apply for a secure Mastercard® with NexBank. Their financial institution specializes in industrial, personal, and commercial account holders unique financial needs.

Special NexBank Features

As leaders in the financial industry, NexBank customers get anytime access to their account online. Customers have the option of navigating their account with multiple device capability. That’s right; navigate your account from your smartphone, PC, or tablet. They also offer free account features to minimize traditional bank fees. Enjoy the benefits of live 24/7 customer support from their 800 number. NexBank gives you more than automated support features when you need assistance with your account. You can also use their live online customer support feature. Visit Yelp for more account details today.

Popular NexBank Services

– free direct deposit

– free checks

– no fee ATM services (nationwide access)

– fraud liability

– IRA accounts

– financial counseling

– installment loans

– and more…

You can pay for college without going into huge student loan debt with their college savings program at NexBank. They understand how huge students loans have left many students in debt after pursuing an education. They offer over 1,200 ways to save on college tuition and expenses through their partnership with New Jersey based College Savings Bank. They make it possible for you to focus on your education without the thought of huge government student loan debt.

You can also own your dream home under the mortgage tab on the NexBank website. They’ve partnered with Habitat For Humanity to help many low income residents realize their dreams of owning a home. Learn more about NexBank home ownership options by visiting their website today.


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