Betsy DeVos: US Education Secretary and Reformer

Betsy DeVos has always worked towards building educational opportunities and safer schools in America. Her work with schools in Michigan is legendary. She has contributed over $35 million to the education costs in Michigan schools. While it hasn’t come easy, she is in the position that she has always wanted since she started her career in education reform in the 1990s.


For yeras, education reform has been DeVos main platform. She believes in educational choice and has talked about it many times, campaigning across America. As the 11th US Education Secretary, her work with a few states has led to more programs and overcoming school performance problems. Many students are now able to go to schools in better districts and receive funding to go to private schools.


Many question where that funding is coming from. However, DeVos has said that it isn’t public funding that pays for these programs. In fact, she has contributed millions to help charter schools succeed. She has some big names on her donor list as well, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sam Walton. Along with the DeVos Family Foundation, she has donated millions to educational causes around the country.


DeVos told Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” that she believes two states have been more successful than other with educational choice reform. This includes Louisiana and Florida. In Florida, students have the most educational choice options. They can choose to go to any school they wish, and they’ll receive a tuition-based scholarship if they choose to go to a private school or charter school. The Sunshine State is the only one of its kind to offer such a scholarship.


It doesn’t currently work like this in every state. DeVos is still campaigning hard to bring more states on board with educational choice. She has been visiting schools with the First Lady in 2019 to spread the message about what she wants to do.


DeVos has a little less than two years to get more states on board with her plan. She has also been busy working with school security officials as she has proposed new measures in school campuses to prevent gun violence. These policies went into effect in 2018 ahead of the new school year. So far there haven’t been any school shootings.


DeVos believes that students should come first, and she plans on making history with her changes to education.


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