Matthew Fleeger Works With Sadie Keller To Help Kids Fight Cancer

Sadie Keller’s battle against cancer inspired many including entrepreneur Matthew Fleeger, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Gulf Coast Western. Recently Matthew Fleeger decided to help the fifth grader who survived childhood leukemia by donating to her cause and co-hosting a charity drive. The 11-year-old helped to create the Sadie Keller Foundation which helps support children who are fighting cancer as well as their families who are supporting them. During her short life, she is already a well-known philanthropist and public speaker with a bright future ahead of her.

When Matthew Fleeger heard the story of the little girl from North Texas who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the young age of 7, he knew that he needed to do something to help her cause. The fact that she wants to help others live the childhood that she missed out on because of her disease is something that touched his heart. Fortunately, she managed to finish her last chemotherapy treatment back in mid-2017 and has officially beaten the devastating type of cancer, hopefully for good. Even while fighting cancer, she still tried to help others by creating informational videos about what she was going through. These videos were meant to help children who had been diagnosed know what to expect as they went through their own battle.

The donations from corporate sponsors like Matthew Fleeger have helped the Sadie Keller Foundation grow in order to be able to help even more children battling cancer. One of the initiatives from Sadie Keller that Matthew Fleeger was proud to support was distributing toys that were collected to the children in the Dallas area who were hospitalized with cancer during the holidays. During the first year, they were able to provide 1,500 toys, but in 2018 with the help of Matthew Fleeger and others, this number grew to more than 10,000!

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