Sergey Petrossov’s Career

Sergey Petrossov is a JetSmarter’s founder and CEO. He was included in the Forbes 30 under 30 list of a successful business leader in the year 2016. Prior to the foundation of JetSmarter, he was the co-Founder of Live Contact and President of Business Development at LiveContact from May 2006 to April 2009. With his person in his profession, he always seeks to innovate industries that gave him a chance to be the top working professional by the Sun Sentinel.

Before he became CEO at JetSmarter, he founded an online chat system that facilitates website customer service, he also founded a distance-learning platform for educational institutions in Russia speaking schools. This was necessitated by the fact that Sergey Petrossov was introduced to technology and computer science while he was enrolled at the university in Florida. Sergey Petrossov career and interest in technology was laid in the university where he was active in a live-chatting startup. While he was in Florida-based private jet operation he was serving as the board advisor. At that time this company had the worlds largest on-demand charter fleet of Gulfstream.

The idea of JetSmarter was born when he first flew and identified antiquated, brick and mortar approach to booking charter flight. He felt that huge private aviation process could be brought to a halt by the JetSmarter since the mobile marketplaces were on the rise. With his idea, he quickly developed the team for his project and invest his own capital. Sergey Petrossov planned phase for an application that could link the top-rated private jet operator with the flyers. In 2013 march he officially launched the JetSmarter application for the public after additional funding and collaborating with friends. This event comes up after a prior launch of a better version of JetSmarter in August 2012. For selected users.

Over the last few years, JetSmarter has grown and now provides services to more than 13,000 paid subscribers and 670,000 registered users.

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