Rebel Wilson, the Upcoming Movie and the Catzercise Routine

Rebel Wilson recently celebrated her birthday that took place on the 2nd of March. She was turning 39; Rebel carried out several activities in celebration of the day. She attended a baking program and also practiced an exercise routine.

Rebel posted several pictures and videos of her and her pals having fun on that particular day. From her posts, she had quite a lot of fun. Rebel Wilson is also part of the cast of the new film to be released later this year. The film is called Cats.

Rebel also shared a dance routine that she practiced with her friends on her birthday. From the dance routine, Rebel was complete with a cat look that comprised of a pink cat outfit with polka dots and furry ears. Rebel friends who were part of the dance routine were also dawned in cat outfits. Rebel’s pals had thrown her a surprise party that was finalized with the catzercise routine. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

The practiced for the dance for only 30 minutes and came up with something incredible. Rebel later admired her work on her Instagram page highlighting that it was the best way to achieve a fantastic summer body. She also went ahead to encourage her followers to try it out.Rebel Wilson attended baking classes at Milk Bar where she was allowed to bake her cake with their assistance.

Rebel is thankful to Milk Bar for the fantastic birthday experience. After the exciting baking experience, Rebel went back to her house where she shared pizzas with her friends and finally did the catzercise routine. Rebel went ahead to post part of the crew of Cats on her Instagram page indicating that the team was awesome. Rebel Wilson will be playing as Jennyanydots alongside several other famous individuals like Idris Elba and Taylor Swift.

Rebel Wilson is delighted to be working with Taylor Swift. Rebel indicates that brings out a sexy ambiance through her role of Bombaulrina. According to Rebel, Taylor has a great personality and is loving. Taylor Swift also amazed her fellow actors and actresses with presents.

Rebel Wilson has been part of the acting industry for quite some time now; she has starred in several films over the time she has been in the filming industry.

Rebel Wilson is also a writer, producer, and director. She has written various movies and series. Rebel Wilson is a self-confident, courageous and humble individual. She is a role model to many and also advocates for female rights.

Rebel believes that if women are given substantial opportunities, they can become prosperous. Rebel got the motivation to pursue acting after an incident that occurred while she was serving as an ambassador of the Australian Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program.

She got malaria and was admitted to a healthcare institution. While in her drug-induced state, she dreamt of winning several awards in the filming industry; this was a turning point in life.

She joined a theater program that opened her path to success in the filming industry. Rebel has used her humorous nature to become successful.

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The Philanthropic Endeavors of Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney. His prowess as a lawyer is remarkable. He is also a philanthropist. Recently, he hosted a fundraiser that was in the form of a wine dinner. The main aim of the event was to support the Fountain House; an organization that strives to help men and women to recover from their mental illnesses. Jeremy Goldstein invited many philanthropists to the wine dinner. Omar Khan and Jim Finkel were also hosts at the event.


The World Health Organization (WHO) always keeps track of the number of people suffering from varying ailments. As for mental illness, the issue has been classified as a crisis that can only be solved through humanitarian intervention. Since Jeremy Goldstein is here to make a difference, he has pledged his support to not-for-profit organizations such as Fountain House. People with mental illness face many challenges such as being unable to maintain their jobs. Such individuals may also have a hard time managing their investments. Luckily, the Fountain House has intervened. The organization is striving to make sure that mentally disabled people can live better lives.


In 1944, the Fountain House was formed. Six patients who were seeking medical assistance from the Rockland State Hospital joined hands to form the organization. Mentally ill people have benefited from the services offered by the organization for seven decades. The foundation is based in New York. In 1948, the organization had gained some financial stability. As a result, they were able to purchase a building that would serve as their headquarters. Throughout the years, the organization has been focused on its mission which involves offering specialized care to the mentally ill people.


Jeremy Goldstein is a part of the board of directors. He works together with a team that is dedicated to making a positive impact in people’s lives. Goldstein has been able to ensure that the organization can offer mental programs throughout New York City. Their main aim is to offer their assistance to the residents. By improving the lives of mentally ill people, the Fountain House can achieve its mission.


According to statistics, 85 percent of mentally ill people in the U.S. are not employed. On the other hand, the Fountain House has offered employment to many individuals with mental disabilities. Thanks to the Fountain House, mentally ill people can make a living. Some of the initiatives that the Fountain House has focused on include healthcare, education, and housing. Additionally, more than 77 percent of the people at the Fountain House are able to graduate from school. Few members of the Fountain House also experience re-hospitalization. The Fountain House makes sure that the mentally ill individuals have access to an attractive home environment. Luckily, the Fountain House has been able to achieve its mission since its inception in 1944.


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Article Title: Igor Cornelsen Offers Valuable Investment Tips For Rookie Investors Looking To Make Their Fortune

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Igor Cornelsen is an investing professional who spends most of his time in Florida and Brazil. He has been helping others to create their fortunes through investing for more than four decades and continues to dabble in the stock market, himself, today. Many aspiring investors have become better at what they do thanks to the advice of Mr. Cornelsen, and he continues to illuminate some of the most difficult to understand concepts in the investment world.

Igor Cornelsen has communicated to investors, time-and-time-again, the importance of understanding that every investment has risks attached to it. Successful investors know when to exit an investment, and those who don’t, discover very quickly the importance of knowing when to get out. Cornelsen has talked about the fact that many investments begin with a small loss but that they recover these quickly. It is when an investor is constantly taking losses that they need to look at doing things differently.

Igor Cornelsen believes that people should begin to invest as early in their lives as possible. When people start at a young age, they have more time to accumulate wealth in order to live a comfortable life during their golden years. People who start out in the investing world early on also have the advantage of being able to recover from any losses they may take. He also suggests that investors should consider working with an investment consultant because they have the kind of experience and knowledge that beginning investors can use the most. Working with an adviser can also help an investor to create better investing habits from the start.

Igor Cornelsen has managed some of the most well known banks in Brazil and has helped his country’s economy tremendously. He currently enjoys playing golf and continues to serve as a consultant for different banks and financial institutions. He has been able to profit during any kind of economy over his life and now enjoys helping others to find their success as investors.

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Article Title: Moving Forward at Sussex Healthcare

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Sussex healthcare has taken the initiative to provide high-quality services to their clients across the globe; there more than 500 employees in various devoted to making changes in the healthcare industry by providing unique services. Over two decades the primary goal of Sussex has been to serve their clients as per their demands. All employees are well trained to maintain long term relations with their clients gaining their confidence and trust. The management team works closely with the employees sharing their grievances and new ideas to improve the services provided. Follow this link

Currently, with Steve Whittingham as the COO, Sussex healthcare is experiencing inevitable changes since he has taken the initiative to make changes in the IT department, and activities in various homes. The IT team at Sussex company comprises of Stephani Pineda, Karim Manji, Catalin Herghelegiu, Jason Bury and Dona Bates all experts with extensive skills and knowledge used to solve various challenges as well as answering queries from clients.

Several changes at Sussex aim to review how residents are treated, involved in decision making as well as listen to new ideas. Since Sussex has developed several homes across the European Union to meet a wide range of clients, there is a need to look to the client’s plans to create an environment that favors clients and employees. Many residents have shared their views through social media recommending Sussex as they are treated with respect and dignity at each level.

Sussex Healthcare has embraced the recruitment process for new employees to meet the high demand and serve clients at the individual level. New nurses will be trained as well as care assistants equipped with skills and knowledge on how to use modern technologies providing high standard services. The advertisements for recruitments requirements and application process are available in local radios, flyers among other social media platforms. This process proves that Sussex healthcare is a transparent and reliable company.

Sussex has gained popularity across the globe since they act accordingly on the issues raised by clients hence giving them a sense of recognition. The employees are also treated well and their hard work recognized. Read more on this link

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Article Title: Desiree Perez – One of the Music Industry’s Top 100 Female Leaders

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Billboard released a list of 100 top Women in Music, naming 100 top female leaders. Desiree Perez, COO of Roc Nation was one of the women who made this list. Fellow leaders included on this list are Julie Greenwald, COO of Atlantic Records, Karen Lamberton, Executive Vice President of Soundtracks, and Andrea Ganis and Camille Hackney, Executive Heads of Atlantic Records.

Roc Nation was created by entrepreneur/entertainer Jay-Z Carter and business partner Jay Brown in 2008. Jay had over 20 years management experience in the music industry, discovering stars Rihanna and Ne-Yo. Soon after, Desiree Perez was added as Chief Operating Officer, who runs the day-to-day operations and works with Brown and Carter to develop the campaigns for new releases.

Perez has negotiated multi-million dollar deals with Samsung and Sprint. Samsung promoted Rihanna’s “Anti” tour for $25 million and a $200 million investment was negotiated with Sprint for Jay-Z’s music-streaming platform, Tidal. Desiree Perez, also known as “Dez Perez,” has also closed deals with enterprises such as Live Nation who is collaborating with Jay-Z for a touring partnership, contracted for the next 10 years. She worked with Puma as well, who sponsored Jay-Z’s 4:44 tour.

Desiree’s husband, Juan Perez, runs the company’s expansion, Roc Nation Sports. This division supports athletes, helping them with marketing opportunities such as procuring endorsements and becoming involved with community outreach projects. Some of their well-known clients include Victor Cruz, Kevin Durant, and Skylar Diggins.

Desiree Perez has been directing operations involving management, publishing and labeling for over 20 years. She has negotiated multiple major music deals and is continuing to introduce innovative developments. She has certainly proven herself to be one of the most powerful executives in the business.

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