Nicolas Krafft Successful Career at L’Oreal

Nicolas Krafft is a guru with a specialty in business development. He is tasked with ensuring that L’Oreal Company grows as a whole. L’Oreal is a powerhouse in the beauty and fashion industry. He has overseen the growth of the business in his capacity as head of the business. This has led L’Oreal to achieve tremendous success and achievement over the years. This has been mainly been propelled by the need to make products that respond to customer needs. The products quality is not something to doubt.

Nicolas Krafft has been influential to the growth and transformation of the beauty and fashion entity. Brand shows and exhibitions have also played a major role in the realization of this success. With several brands developed by the company, the company has dominated the hair care industry since its products continue to be in high demand. It has thus created a reliable marketplace globally. The company reputably continues to hire passionate and skilled employees to make the best and innovative products in the market.

The success experienced in the company is due to both individual and collective efforts of employees. Adoption of state of the art technology continues to be another key pillar to the company’s achievements. L’Oreal widely uses digital marketing in promoting its products. Social media campaigns and advertisement continue to dominate the company’s promotional strategy.

The company runs on the values of respect, integrity, and transparency. Due to its belief in these values, it has gone ahead to create the post of Chief Ethics Officer. Additionally, they have an Ethics Day. The day provides a platform for the employees to ask the most burning and interactive questions to the top management of the company. The questions are answered through all the available platforms including online chat. Ethics Day also makes the staff reflect on their ethics and promote ethical behavior in their daily undertakings. Nicolas Krafft says that L’Oreal embraces a culture of interdepartmental communication to deal with inappropriate work habits hindering smooth operations. The company which is a champion for sustainability and human rights has bagged several awards. The United Nations Global Compact Lead stands out of them all.

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