Brian Torchin: A Pioneer in the Medical Industry Worldwide

Brian Torchin is a highly renowned and trusted medical professional, entrepreneur and author. He has acquired over 12 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He enrolled at the University of Delaware and earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. This was prior to becoming a chiropractor after studying at the famous New York Chiropractic College. This followed his opening of private practice in his native town, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He has served in the healthcare industry as a respected clinician. In 2007, he integrated his medical expertise with his smart business mind. This led to the launch of HCRC staffing. Brian Torchin is the current CEO of HCRC Staffing and consulting agency. He has served for many years while opening, staffing and managing medical offices in Delaware, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

This company is the top-most full-service staffing and consulting institution in the health care industry. It comprises chiropractic doctors, physical therapists as well as physician assistants. He focuses his resources, time and energy to ensure best treatment options globally. The firm has expanded with service providers in over fifty states and in other continents. The company connects healthcare practitioners with the job market. Furthermore, it has over 200 customers worldwide.

Brian Torchin uses social media as an active blogger to boost his enterprise as well as gain trust andcredibility in the field. He utilizes the social media platforms as outlets of interesting information related to the challenges encountered by medical providers, the medical issues accompanied by solutions, and employment opportunities in the industry.

He has also written medical content that has been featured in Digital Journal and CNN Magazine. His broad knowledge and deep experience have made him a great asset in the medical field. He is consistently expanding his business empire and impacting greatly in the local and international level.

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