Be Your Marvelous Self with Lime Crime

If you were to ask any artist about muses and inspiration, they would tell you that beauty and inspiration can be found anywhere. And that goes for makeup artists as well. A makeup artist can be inspired by something as simple as the shirt a stranger is wearing at the table next to them, and we would see traces of that revelation in their eye shadow colors or their matte lipstick. And there is no better company to help carry out these visions than Lime Crime.

A vegan and cruelty-free brand born in 2008, Lime Crime is known for their love of vivid colors and high-quality makeup products. They’re also known for pushing an idea that makeup should be a fun way to express your individuality. With that being said, trends are still noticed. Some trends come and go, but here are a couple that seem to be absolute in the makeup world.

First, the highlighter. We all love a good highlight, and it can change a makeup look from flat to a sculpted work of art. Lime Crime offers a beautiful range of opalescent highlighter palettes that are build-able. So you can go for a subtle glow or an in your face blinding look. Either way, make sure to highlight cheekbones, and the ridge of the nose, and anywhere else you want the eyes to land.

Another beauty staple is a vibrant, seamlessly blended eye shadow. Lime Crime offers many palettes, but they are known for their Venus palettes. With the Venus palettes, we see a lot of warm-toned and soft grunge looks. Because Lime Crime is a brand focused on quality, you can bet that these shadows (and others) blend smoothly.

Whether you’re “on trend” or doing your own thing, makeup should be a fun and brilliant way to express yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings. Don’t let anyone dull your shine, and continue to be yourself, because you are stunning no matter what.