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Sussex healthcare has taken the initiative to provide high-quality services to their clients across the globe; there more than 500 employees in various devoted to making changes in the healthcare industry by providing unique services. Over two decades the primary goal of Sussex has been to serve their clients as per their demands. All employees are well trained to maintain long term relations with their clients gaining their confidence and trust. The management team works closely with the employees sharing their grievances and new ideas to improve the services provided. Follow this link

Currently, with Steve Whittingham as the COO, Sussex healthcare is experiencing inevitable changes since he has taken the initiative to make changes in the IT department, and activities in various homes. The IT team at Sussex company comprises of Stephani Pineda, Karim Manji, Catalin Herghelegiu, Jason Bury and Dona Bates all experts with extensive skills and knowledge used to solve various challenges as well as answering queries from clients.

Several changes at Sussex aim to review how residents are treated, involved in decision making as well as listen to new ideas. Since Sussex has developed several homes across the European Union to meet a wide range of clients, there is a need to look to the client’s plans to create an environment that favors clients and employees. Many residents have shared their views through social media recommending Sussex as they are treated with respect and dignity at each level.

Sussex Healthcare has embraced the recruitment process for new employees to meet the high demand and serve clients at the individual level. New nurses will be trained as well as care assistants equipped with skills and knowledge on how to use modern technologies providing high standard services. The advertisements for recruitments requirements and application process are available in local radios, flyers among other social media platforms. This process proves that Sussex healthcare is a transparent and reliable company.

Sussex has gained popularity across the globe since they act accordingly on the issues raised by clients hence giving them a sense of recognition. The employees are also treated well and their hard work recognized. Read more on this link

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