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The RealReal is the place to get your designer and luxury items, and the best part is that you will be paying a fraction of the cost to get them brand new. The RealReal is a successful and popular consignment company that boasts they can “find the fake.” They have a very strict and rigorous authentication process that doesn’t let any knock-offs get through so that you can shop in confidence.

The RealReal has all the top designer brands such as Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel so you can fill out your collection with all your favorite designer pieces. It is fun to shop their online consignment stores, and all of you favorite designers are in one convenient location. You can also shop their physical stores in SoHo or LA.

The RealReal is very selective about what they accept, and they choose products that are not only authentic but that are gently-loved so that you can enjoy your purchases for a very long time.

The RealReal supports a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, because they are helping to keep clothing that is no longer wanted out of the landfills. Their store makes it convenient to shop for your next favorite dress, pair of shoes, or handbag, and you can flaunt your Gucci or Fendi bag without going broke.

Make your friends jealous with your massive designer collection that you paid only a fraction of what they think you paid for it. You can also sell items that you no longer want or need to make room in your closet for more fun and luxurious items. Shopping for designer items has never been so fun and stress-free. You want to shop with The RealReal over other consignment stores because they guarantee that all of their clothing and accessories are 100% authenticated.

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