The Philanthropic Endeavors of Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney. His prowess as a lawyer is remarkable. He is also a philanthropist. Recently, he hosted a fundraiser that was in the form of a wine dinner. The main aim of the event was to support the Fountain House; an organization that strives to help men and women to recover from their mental illnesses. Jeremy Goldstein invited many philanthropists to the wine dinner. Omar Khan and Jim Finkel were also hosts at the event.


The World Health Organization (WHO) always keeps track of the number of people suffering from varying ailments. As for mental illness, the issue has been classified as a crisis that can only be solved through humanitarian intervention. Since Jeremy Goldstein is here to make a difference, he has pledged his support to not-for-profit organizations such as Fountain House. People with mental illness face many challenges such as being unable to maintain their jobs. Such individuals may also have a hard time managing their investments. Luckily, the Fountain House has intervened. The organization is striving to make sure that mentally disabled people can live better lives.


In 1944, the Fountain House was formed. Six patients who were seeking medical assistance from the Rockland State Hospital joined hands to form the organization. Mentally ill people have benefited from the services offered by the organization for seven decades. The foundation is based in New York. In 1948, the organization had gained some financial stability. As a result, they were able to purchase a building that would serve as their headquarters. Throughout the years, the organization has been focused on its mission which involves offering specialized care to the mentally ill people.


Jeremy Goldstein is a part of the board of directors. He works together with a team that is dedicated to making a positive impact in people’s lives. Goldstein has been able to ensure that the organization can offer mental programs throughout New York City. Their main aim is to offer their assistance to the residents. By improving the lives of mentally ill people, the Fountain House can achieve its mission.


According to statistics, 85 percent of mentally ill people in the U.S. are not employed. On the other hand, the Fountain House has offered employment to many individuals with mental disabilities. Thanks to the Fountain House, mentally ill people can make a living. Some of the initiatives that the Fountain House has focused on include healthcare, education, and housing. Additionally, more than 77 percent of the people at the Fountain House are able to graduate from school. Few members of the Fountain House also experience re-hospitalization. The Fountain House makes sure that the mentally ill individuals have access to an attractive home environment. Luckily, the Fountain House has been able to achieve its mission since its inception in 1944.


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