Dr. Mark Mofid And His Passion For Gluteal Augmentation

When Dr. Mark Mofid started doing gluteal augmentation, he was confronting an uphill battle. People said what he was doing was just vain. Dr. Mark Mofid felt condemned as if what he was doing was superfluous. There were so much doubt and intrigue in the way he did his work, but as more people began to understand what Dr. Mofid did in his work, more people began changing their ideas on buttock augmentation. In this article, we will explore some of those new issues and tidbits of information you may have overlooked about Dr. Mofid and his plastic surgery work.

The Safety of the Surgery

It seems to be important to start any information about Dr. Mofid right now to include the fact that he went to Harvard and Johns Hopkins, where he trained as a plastic surgeon not just for cosmetic reasons, but for health and psychological benefits and factors, too.

It was the claim of Dr. Mark Mofid to avoid being apologetic in the work that he does. He doesn’t claim that what he’s doing is more than aesthetics, but he does believe that there is much incentive for women to alter their physical attributes to become more attractive because people, especially men, like to go with pretty women. That’s just the reality. When you adhere to the standards, you increase your chances of being noticed and have the companionship that you have. It almost seems to be about survival.

That said, it is part of Dr. Mark Mofid’s training to liken the desire of women for beautiful buttocks to the Fibonacci sequence or the golden ratio. There seems to be sociocultural roots and anguish in having the right waistline and buttocks, and when women adhere to such aesthetic ideal, their well-being and psychological needs are met. Men are more attracted to women with wide buttocks because it’s part of their vestigial instincts. Women who acquire the help of Dr. Mofid to alter their buttocks believe this to be so.

Recent Development

It is also essential to say here that Dr. Mark Mofid is gifted with the skills and talents to do the surgery with much precision. He also went to Brazil to train to do surgery on women, and Brazil has the highest demand for buttock alteration.

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