Serge Belamant: Blockchain Patent Holder, “The Chip” Inventor

Serge Belamant was born in Tulle, France, and moved to South Africa when he was 14 because his father found work as a tiler there. Not interested in the prospect of tiling for the rest of his life,

Serge decided to look into (or perhaps gravitated towards) computer science and coding. He currently is the Serge Belamant is currently the patent holder of blockchain technology, making him one of the most vital members of our modern technological society. Before the blockchain work, he was working on a more secure technology for financial applications through his company called Net1 UEPS Technologies. So in addition to blockchain technology, Serge Belamant is actually the creator of “the chip” in financial cards which are used everyday by billions of people. Serge was approached by Visa in ‘95 to implement his chip technology in their cards, and Europe was the first market to popularize its use before spreading to the west. Learn more about Belamant at

Right now, Serge Belamant has created a company called Zilch Technologies, as a way to improve financial literacy through improving the spending and saving habits of younger people. Zilch makes its profits by selling customers data to larger companies, and while educating the youth Zilch created a win-win situation for both parties and improves society as a whole. The idea for Zilch was founded from a conversation that Serge Belamant had with his son. When asked about his view on continuing education, Serge was quoted in a recent interview as saying that “…It’s also vital to always continue learning. I think it’s relatively easy to make some money for a period of time, but a sustained level of success over years is more difficult.” Coming from the man who is changing the world as we know it through futuristic financial security elements, it would behoove all of us to take heed of the sage advice about learning and always striving to improve oneself.

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Oren Frank and Talkspace Hire Dr. Neil Leibowitz As Chief Medical Officer

Entrepreneurs Oren Frank and his wife Roni Frank founded Talkspace in 2012 with the goal to make therapy more accessible and affordable. The idea came about after the couple attended couple therapy, which they credit with saving their marriage. They knew that therapy was expensive and set out to find a way to make it more accessible to the general population. The therapy sessions were so helpful for the couple that Roni, a software developer decided to pursue graduated education in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. See more of Oren Frank at crunchbase

Talkspace operates on a subscription service with a video therapy subscription available for $79 weekly and text only therapy available for $49 weekly. The app features over 3,000 licensed therapists that range from a variety of therapy services from depression, anxiety, couple therapy, LGBT therapy, Veteran therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and more.

Talkspace has over 1 million active users and has generated over $10 million in revenue after more than five years of operation. Recently, the company has taken great steps and has hired Dr. Neil Leibowitz as Chief Medical Officer. Most recently, Leibowitz has served as the Senior Medical Director for UnitedHealth. He graduated as a licensed MD from New York Medical College in 2005 and has worked as a Physician, an Inpatient Unit Director, Assistant Professor at the Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and as the Director of Mental Health for NYC Jails prior to his time as the Senior Medical Director for UnitedHealth.

Leibowitz was initially skeptical of the concept behind Talkspace at first. After getting to know the team he was more than happy to join. Frank believes that Leibowitz can help the corporate side of the business, which will represent over half of Talkspace’s revenue.

Oren Frank has taken to twitter to help promote the access of affordable therapy. A recent concern of his on Twitter has been that of teenagers, many US teens are having problems with anxiety and depression. He also tweeted “Facebook itself is actually the modern-day Black Plague and in retrospect will cause greater damage. #DeleteSocialMedia” As he believes that social media can damage a person’s mental health.

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Matthew Fleeger Works With Sadie Keller To Help Kids Fight Cancer

Sadie Keller’s battle against cancer inspired many including entrepreneur Matthew Fleeger, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Gulf Coast Western. Recently Matthew Fleeger decided to help the fifth grader who survived childhood leukemia by donating to her cause and co-hosting a charity drive. The 11-year-old helped to create the Sadie Keller Foundation which helps support children who are fighting cancer as well as their families who are supporting them. During her short life, she is already a well-known philanthropist and public speaker with a bright future ahead of her.

When Matthew Fleeger heard the story of the little girl from North Texas who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the young age of 7, he knew that he needed to do something to help her cause. The fact that she wants to help others live the childhood that she missed out on because of her disease is something that touched his heart. Fortunately, she managed to finish her last chemotherapy treatment back in mid-2017 and has officially beaten the devastating type of cancer, hopefully for good. Even while fighting cancer, she still tried to help others by creating informational videos about what she was going through. These videos were meant to help children who had been diagnosed know what to expect as they went through their own battle.

The donations from corporate sponsors like Matthew Fleeger have helped the Sadie Keller Foundation grow in order to be able to help even more children battling cancer. One of the initiatives from Sadie Keller that Matthew Fleeger was proud to support was distributing toys that were collected to the children in the Dallas area who were hospitalized with cancer during the holidays. During the first year, they were able to provide 1,500 toys, but in 2018 with the help of Matthew Fleeger and others, this number grew to more than 10,000!

Rebel Wilson Get a Trope Role in ‘Isn’t It Romantic’

Netflix is just about to release yet another great romantic comedy. The movie is atypical, a satirical play where the lead character Natalie’s life who is Rebel Wilson, is surrounded by drama and the highs and lows of love. Her earlier school of thought was love a fantasy that never existed. However, after accidentally being hit, wakes up to the realization of love and has to fight a way round to get her ultimate happiness of life.

The movie stands out because of it’s usual to have a plus size actress featuring on the cast as the main character in a film. Moreover, she takes the position of a girl who is admired, praised and loved by many. It is not what has been as such characters reserved for the slim fit hourglass models.

Rebel Wilson is excited to take up the role as she recently revealed, it’s a romantic movie that we all should be on the lookout. The thrill in how scenes unfold is out of this world, even as the graphics, lighting, picture quality and clarity among other things is at the apex.

Isn’t It Romantic, is an English movie written by Katie Silberman, Erin Cardillo and Dana Fox, directed by Todd Strauss Schulson and Produced by Gina Matthews, Grant Scharbo and Todd Garner.

It features m and movie stars such as Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine, Priyanka Chopra, and Liam Hemsworth among many others. Its plot is in New York City, with a lady architect who is Australian and never believes in love. According to her love never exists but she later finds herself in love twists.

About Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson was born in 1980 as Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson in Sydney to her mother who was a dog handler. She has three siblings; Annaleise and Liberty and Ryot, her only brother.

Rebel Wilson attended the Tara Anglican School of Girls and later enrolled at the Australian Theatre for Young People, where she graduated baack in 2003.

As a young girl, she has fantastic comprehension working with numeral and thought she would develop a career in mathematics. However, fate had an otherwise destiny as she found more fulfillment in acting. Today, she is a renowned actress, writer, and producer.

She has appeared in many movies including the Wedge, Pizza, Struck by Lightning, A Few Best Men, Super Fun Night to mention but a few. Her prowess as an actress has earned her recognition by the Teen Choice and MTV Awards.

Elsewhere, Rebel Wilson owns a clothing line for the Plus Size women she recently launched, as part of her campaign to encourage all women to be comfortable in their size and for the world to appreciate them as they are.

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Betsy DeVos: US Education Secretary and Reformer

Betsy DeVos has always worked towards building educational opportunities and safer schools in America. Her work with schools in Michigan is legendary. She has contributed over $35 million to the education costs in Michigan schools. While it hasn’t come easy, she is in the position that she has always wanted since she started her career in education reform in the 1990s.


For yeras, education reform has been DeVos main platform. She believes in educational choice and has talked about it many times, campaigning across America. As the 11th US Education Secretary, her work with a few states has led to more programs and overcoming school performance problems. Many students are now able to go to schools in better districts and receive funding to go to private schools.


Many question where that funding is coming from. However, DeVos has said that it isn’t public funding that pays for these programs. In fact, she has contributed millions to help charter schools succeed. She has some big names on her donor list as well, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sam Walton. Along with the DeVos Family Foundation, she has donated millions to educational causes around the country.


DeVos told Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” that she believes two states have been more successful than other with educational choice reform. This includes Louisiana and Florida. In Florida, students have the most educational choice options. They can choose to go to any school they wish, and they’ll receive a tuition-based scholarship if they choose to go to a private school or charter school. The Sunshine State is the only one of its kind to offer such a scholarship.


It doesn’t currently work like this in every state. DeVos is still campaigning hard to bring more states on board with educational choice. She has been visiting schools with the First Lady in 2019 to spread the message about what she wants to do.


DeVos has a little less than two years to get more states on board with her plan. She has also been busy working with school security officials as she has proposed new measures in school campuses to prevent gun violence. These policies went into effect in 2018 ahead of the new school year. So far there haven’t been any school shootings.


DeVos believes that students should come first, and she plans on making history with her changes to education.


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Boraie Development: The Aspire is a Dream Come True

Omar Boraie is a very excited man. The vision he had for his city finally coming into a reality. The largest project by this company, known as The Aspire, has just started leasing its units. The modern luxury residential complex is on the Somerset Street, just at the heart of New Brunswick. Boraie Development is the organization that has been in charge of the high rise residential buildings, and its leaders are happy that they have brought the kind of residential building that will excite the customer in the area. Omar Boraie, the professional real estate developer who has helped to raise the company is very optimistic that his project is going to be one of the best in the country. The dream was started more than forty years ago. There are people who felt that the businessman was crazy to have so many plans for a city that was not doing well financially. Everyone is now silently congratulating the renowned businessman. Investors from many states of America are now flocking the area so that they can start businesses. The growth in the economy is going to have a positive impact to Boraie Development and other real estate companies in the region.

While announcing the completion of The Aspire, Omar Boraie, who is currently over seventy five years old, says that he has faced many doubters when he chose to rebuild the city. The chief executive officer of Boraie Development saw beautiful and modern cities when he was travelling and working in Europe. The moment he arrived home, the experienced contractor had to look for ways to bring New Brunswick to the best form possible. The Aspire has brought a brand new meaning for many stakeholders. In the past, most of the people were leaving the city even before The awful state of affairs is no longer going to be experienced anymore. More high end buildings are going to be established, just like The Aspire.

Secure Your Finances With NexBank

The popular NexBank financial group is based in Dallas, Texas. They’re one of the top online financial groups in the financial network with over 345,000+ customers. Their financial group protects their patrons with ample assets and FDIC insurance. You can rest easy knowing your money is safe. In fact, the NexBank financial group puts your money to work for you with features like their interest bearing saving accounts. You can also participate in their business financial accounts and apply for a secure Mastercard® with NexBank. Their financial institution specializes in industrial, personal, and commercial account holders unique financial needs.

Special NexBank Features

As leaders in the financial industry, NexBank customers get anytime access to their account online. Customers have the option of navigating their account with multiple device capability. That’s right; navigate your account from your smartphone, PC, or tablet. They also offer free account features to minimize traditional bank fees. Enjoy the benefits of live 24/7 customer support from their 800 number. NexBank gives you more than automated support features when you need assistance with your account. You can also use their live online customer support feature. Visit Yelp for more account details today.

Popular NexBank Services

– free direct deposit

– free checks

– no fee ATM services (nationwide access)

– fraud liability

– IRA accounts

– financial counseling

– installment loans

– and more…

You can pay for college without going into huge student loan debt with their college savings program at NexBank. They understand how huge students loans have left many students in debt after pursuing an education. They offer over 1,200 ways to save on college tuition and expenses through their partnership with New Jersey based College Savings Bank. They make it possible for you to focus on your education without the thought of huge government student loan debt.

You can also own your dream home under the mortgage tab on the NexBank website. They’ve partnered with Habitat For Humanity to help many low income residents realize their dreams of owning a home. Learn more about NexBank home ownership options by visiting their website today.


Guilherme Paulus: The Man Who Dared To Out-do The Average

Guilherme Paulus is a self-accomplished Brazilian entrepreneur who has gained a worldwide reputation over the tourism industry. From a humble background, Paulus stepped out into the real world in search of a job after completing school. He managed to secure a junior position at IBM as an intern. As fate would have its way, Paulus interacted with clients majoring in the tourism industry and got interested. He envisioned better services that would satisfy tourists in Brazil.

Together with Carlos Vicente, Guilherme started CVC Tours. He opened his first store close to a cinema with remarkable traffic. That way, he managed to capture an audience of local tourists into his new vision for CVC. Gradually, the company became people’s favorite, and it provided him with the channels to open up more stores across the country. Today, CVC prides itself in operating over 100 stores in Brazil while accumulating an annual revenue of more than 5 billion dollars. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at

A few years later, Guilherme noticed that CVC Tours was burdened with the responsibility of referring its clients to hotel destinations for accommodation. He saw a great opportunity in the problem. GJP Resorts and Hotels was born in 2005, with Guilherme Paulus engineering its course. He injected more than $600 million into starting the new venture. GJP has since grown into managing over 20 hotels and resorts that provide top-notch hospitality to tourists visiting the country. Among the hotels, Wish Resort was awarded by World Golf Awards and the Best Golf Hotel in 2017.

With the mission of giving back to the community and further enhancing the tourism’s support system, Guilherme Paulus participates in several welfare programs. In the PIET project, Guilherme Paulus contributes to helping young entrepreneurs acquire education and skills to build their careers in the tourism sector. He also supports the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism that provides interested youth with hands-on experience. CVC also shows its social accountability through sponsoring and donations for the less fortunate kids.

Guilherme Paulus has earned his rightful place at Brazil’s top spots through hard work and discipline. He also derives motivation from his passion for creating new ventures in the tourism industry and watch them grow into empires.

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How Harry Harrison Stays Productive and Gets Results

As the former head of Barclay’s Non-Core in London, Harry Harrison is now blazing new trails as the President and Founder of the digital financial services investment and advisory firm Anthemis Group. To help people better understand how he stays productive, Mr. Harrison recently sat down with Ideamench to discuss how he comes up with ideas and stays productive.

When asked where he gets his ideas, Mr. Harrison said that he uses curiosity as a motivating factor. After educating himself at Cambridge University, Mr. Harrison spend the next three decades working as a derivatives trader, later managing teams of fixed income sales and trading traders.

When asked about his typical day, Harry Harrison mentioned that he doesn’t have a typical day. Instead, Mr. Harrison learns to adapt to the daily tasks and goals that helps him remain productive. After spending decades working at Barclays, Mr. Harrison has learned to prioritize other aspect of his world and get a better work/life balance. In addition to developing his own company, Mr. Harrison finds times to practice yoga and pilates. And most importantly, Mr. Harrison also finds time to spend with his 5 and 8 year old children.

Later on in the interview, Mr. Harrison was asked how he brings his ideas to life. The entrepreneur answered that he likes to use diversity of thinking, humility in goal setting and collaboration to ensure that his ideas are executed as close as possible to his vision. This strategy has helped Mr. Harrison create Anthemis Group after leaving Barclays

Finally, Mr. Harrison was asked about the one trend that excites him. The Anthemis Group founder answered that he is really excited about what is happening in the world of financial services. In particular, Mr. Harrison is intrigued with the role the information age is playing in the creation of fintech companies that leverage data in order to make financial decisions. Mr. Harrison believes that many finch companies will prosper by making the financial and insurance markets more efficient. At the end of the interview, Mr. Harrison was asked to recite his favorite quote. The Anthemis Group founder recited Dale Caregie’s popular piece of wisdom – “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.”

Rocketship Schools Bridge the Economical Educational Gap

Rocketship Education was brainstormed in 1999 to serve low-income students who can’t afford high-quality education. Rocketship schools are based in Redwood City, Calif. This charter school was founded in 2006 in San Jose, Calif, by Preston Smith and John Danner. Rocketship schools serve the states California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and in Washington, D.C. Students are taught at levels kindergarten through fifth grade. Apple Tree Institute in Washington, D.C. has a special preschool. By 2017, Rocketship Schools was changed to Rocketship Education. The charter school employs 501 to 1001 people.

Rocketship began in 2007, opening its first San Jose school at the Mateo Sheedy School. In four years, the Rocket schools expanded to five special schools in the San Jose area. Two years later, the Rocket schools opened the first Wisconsin school and its eighth school in San Jose. More than 400 parents ran a campaign to open a rocketship school in Redwood, California in 2015.

In addition to providing a quality education, 90 percent of the students qualify for the free lunch program. Of all the students in the rocketship school program, 75 percent of the students speak English as a second language. Every child enrolled in the program has a better chance to one day get into a four-year college. The students who have been a part of the rocket program from the beginning went on to regular middle school. The rocketship students were more advanced than the students who previously attended regular elementary schools. Prior to rocketship schools, children from low-income families have been known as low performers. The system  has been working for over 12 years to change the image of children from low-income areas. High achieving students have typically come from affluent neighborhoods. Generally, children from affluent neighborhoods are qualified for academic help that low-income families aren’t. Read more about free lunch program here (edited)

Parents want to send their children to the best schools. One of the top reasons people choose the neighborhoods they move into has to do with the quality of the schools. Rocketship schools enrollment have 70 percent of children from impoverished neighborhoods. Rocketship schools will close the economic gap. Read more here.