Rodrigo Terpins: The Innovative, Entrepreneur, Accomplished Rally Driver

When it comes to the world of rally racing, the Brazilian native Rodrigo Terpins, along with his brother Michel, are perhaps the ambassadors of the sport. The 42-year-old Brazilian native acquired his love and passion for rally racing at a young age. Along with exceptional driving skills, consistency and determination, Roderigo and his brother have earned much deserved national recognition for their racing talents. Roderigo managed to acquire a number of rally racing championships and awards. Rally racing is a composite sport which stipulates profound driving attributes, along with the ability to stay calm under pressure, and work as a team by forming and maintaining a consistent chemistry.


Roderigo Terpins typically competes in prototype T1 races, accompanied by his brother Michel as his teammate. This duo have competed in numerous rally races periodically, often claiming respectable victories. One of the duo’s most recent triumphs include the Sertoes Rally circuit, which is deemed as one of the most difficult circuits in Brazilian rally racing. It consists of numerous challenging terrains, which every two-man team must complete as fast as possible. The 2,500km stretch of treacherous terrain consists of seven stages, accompanied by 40 other pairs of drivers. The duo managed to respectively place in 8th place.


Rodrigo Terpins is also the founder of Floresvale, which is an eco-friendly forestry company managing eucalyptus forests for sawmills in the Paraiba Valley. With a mission of developing a center for sustainable timber production and job generation opportunities, Floresvale aims to implement a forestry hub by 2020 by leveraging the region.


Rodrigo was recently featured in an Ideamensch interview, and was asked about trends that excite him. He responded by stating that people are progressively concerned about the origin of the raw material for their furniture. He went on to state that this conduct is progressively natural, and certainly cognitive to his business. Roderigo was later asked about his entrepreneurialism, and which habit he possesses that allows him to be more productive. He responded by stating that he attempts to stay connected and observant of the world advancement and changes, specifically those associated with consumer trends. He also claimed that this habit allows for more nimbleness in his decision making process. Rodrigo also went on to claim that he repeatedly analyzes his closest competitors and the international market.


As an expression and validation of Rodrigo’s hard work and determination, he concluded the interview by stating that his favorite quote was one belonging to Walt Disney, stating “if you can dream it, you can do it”.

Whitney Wolfe, One of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

The journey to success is full of challenges. There are millions of people who started this journey but they could not forge ahead because of the issues they found on their way. Some of the wise people, however, did not give up when things got worse along the way. They have chosen that they will forge ahead and end up with the profits they have been dreaming about since childhood. Despite the circuitous, disorienting and rocky markets, there are very successful entrepreneurs who have managed to land a special place in the hearts of the consumers in many parts of the world. These legendary figures have become influential in the world because they are considered to be role models. Whitney Wolfe is considered to be one of these women. The Forbes Magazine recently recognized her to be one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs living in the modern times. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at Deadline

Whitney Wolfe is an authority in the world of business. Many people started to notice the businesswoman several years ago when she founded one of the most successful and popular dating applications in the world, known a Bumble. The app is quite new in the market, but it has managed to get so many customers who enjoy its services. The app chose to focus most of its energy on the woman, and this is one of the primary reasons it has become so successful and prominent in the world.

Whitney Wolfe, according to the Forbes Magazine, is respected and at the same time admired by so many people, especially women. Her application has done so well in the male dominated world. Individuals from all parts of the world have something positive to say about the career woman. The market has its share of tough challenges, but this does not hinder the businesswoman from making a positive change in the world. Many women can now interact and also make the first move when it comes to relationship matters. The success of the application shows that women have a special place in the modern times. Whitney Wolfe got married last, and the world had to witness the beautiful wedding that was held in Italy.

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Sheldon Laving, CEO of OSI Group, is a Visionary Leader

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group, a leading meat and food products company started in Aurora Illinois. He joined the company in the 1970s and became actively involved in the operations of the company. By then, the company was known as Otto & Sons Company. Sheldon purchased controlling interest in the company to ensure that the company remains stable. Levin helped steer the company to profitability, and tremendous growth. Having a background in finance, he advised the company on financing and expanding the market beyond Illinois to rest of world, including North America, Japan, Asia, and the Philippines. Nowadays, he is in charge of one of the most successful companies in the food processing industry.

OSI Group is involved in large-scale operations in the food industry with joint ventures and facilities across the world. Sheldon does not work alone and has assembled a team of ambitious individual and build a collective culture. Ever since Sheldon took the mantle of leadership at the company, staff turnover is very low, meaning that the employees are satisfied. He keeps up to date with changes in the business environment, including consumer preferences. Thus, the company can meet the needs of customers.

The story of Sheldon Lavin is a humble one, from a mere financial advisor to a successful CEO of an excellent food processing company. He is an investor in his league, with unmatched business acumen. That would not have been possible, were it not for the entrepreneurial vision, hard work, and zeal. Sheldon has won various awards for his philanthropic works, of assisting disadvantaged families by providing housing, and supporting those with chronic illnesses. Sheldon Lavin realized the need to give back to the society, and want them to be successful as he is.

About OSI group

From humble beginnings to a leading food provider, OSI group Journey to success has been smooth sailing. Its out of hard work and dedication of a team led by CEO Sheldon Lavin. The company is well positioned in the global market with operations in 17 countries employing over 20,000 employees. The company transformation journey has been because of continuous innovation, partnerships, and executive leadership offed by Sheldon Lavin. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award. The company has invested in the latest technology in the food handling, food safety, and quality.

The Influential Leadership Skills of Mr. Rick Shinto at InnovaCare

A significant number of organizations around the world struggle to get leaders who are equipped with the necessary skills to run a company in the most professional manner. Leaders play a critical role in ensuring that an organization runs smoothly and achieves its intended goals. However, one organization, InnovaCare, is not experiencing such problems because it has a leader who has the necessary leadership skills and experience to handle most of the activities in the company. Rick Shinto is the face behind the success of the company as he has played a key role in building the company’s success.


Among the critical aspects that Rick Shinto holds, which are important in making him an important person to the organization include experience, academic qualification, and innate leadership skills. He attaining his bachelor’s degree in medicine at the State University of New York. This was not the end of his educational qualification as the experienced leader went ahead to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Redlands. Having trained in medicine and further education in Business Administration placed him in a better position where he is able to make critical decisions around both medicine and financial fields. You can visit Bloomberg.


Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare where he worked himself through the ranks to the point of becoming the president of the organization. However, it is necessary to highlight that he has previously worked in other organizations before becoming the president of the institution such as Medical Pathway Management Company where he was working as the Chief Medical Officer. Working in multiple organizations has definitely given Mr. Shinto significant experience and knowledge about how various management structures work. He is also able to understand what employees in the lower ranking positions experience on a daily basis as they work. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The leadership skills and qualities of Mr. Rick Shinto have enabled him to win multiple awards due to his exemplary leadership performances and contributions. One of the leadership awards that Mr. Shinto has won is the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur, which is a prestigious award that is won on a yearly basis. Winning this award means that an individual has played a key role in the progress of the company and enhancing the society in general. Shinto’s InnovaCare Health leadership skills are a dream for any person who is leading any organization. He has significantly demonstrated that human labor is much more efficient and importance as compared to the robots that organizations are implementing.



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The Critical Role of Southridge Capital in the Financial Market.

Poor debt management has been rated as one of the most significant causes of financial challenges among many individuals and even organizations. A lot of people have found themselves in the middle of financial constraints as a result of poorly managed loans that they took with the commercial lenders, which they fail to refund adequately. Consequently, the lenders come in with the help of debt consolidators and auctioneers who sometimes may mishandle your property or even get away with them. Inadequate management of debt is not a new thing in the financial market. Southridge  has been there since the time in memorial, and many individuals and organizations have fallen victims of the monster.


However, not many people have taken up the challenge to discover what factors could be leading to the situation which may cause a lot of embarrassment to the parties who fall victim. This challenged Stephen M. Hicks to try figure out the main reasons as to why a lot of people, despite the phenomenon being very common, still fall victims of the same. He embarked on rigorous research that involved a lot of interviews with the financial customers and also reading widely on the relevant topic. After long research, he came up with some conclusions that made him form the Southridge Capital as a solution to his findings.


According to prnewswire, the primary cause that was highlighted in the report findings of Stephen M. Hicks’ reports was insufficient knowledge about the management of the borrowed funds. Most people and institutions often found themselves in a situation whereby they took loans which they never had clear plans on which to implement using the amount. As a result, they ended up spending the money on other insignificant means that end up putting them in financial constraints. Consequently, the parties face challenges in repaying the debts and in some cases they might cause disputes with the financial lenders.


Southridge Capital became the ultimate solution to all these challenges because, after the establishment, Stephen M. Hicks ensured that all the customers of the company are adequately trained on the ultimate ways to handle the debts whenever they get some. This way, they find it easier to manage the funds and hence fewer chances of getting into troubles with the lenders.You can checkout for more info.



NexBank, a regional bank located in Dallas has partnered with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to support the expansion of their program in the next five years. Dallas Neighborhood homes is a nonprofit organization that provides mortgage services working alongside Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to give affordable housing loans to southern Dallas families. They target at delivering more than 100 loans annually for the next five years to low income locals. NexBank is offering up to $50 million to fund the program. This will benefit the homebuyers with low income and limited to mortgage access. Additionally, they provide counseling services to prepare people on home ownership offered by Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

NexBank will also cater for title fees for completed closings through their affiliates, together with $2,000 closing costs on each loan. Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, mortgage operation senior vice president Mark Tribuna expressed their gratitude to Nexbank for making affordable homeownership real to the many people in need. He noted that North Texas has the lowest homeownership rates and the program addresses this problem directly. He added that homeownership improves the living standards while enhancing the children’s opportunities for a better future.

NexBank announced the acquisition of College Savings Bank based in Princeton, New Jersey with over 529 college-savings programs. According to NexBank Capital Inc. CEO and president, John Holt, College Savings Bank will maintain its branding and name; also the institution will operate as a Division of NexBank. The transaction is a win to the parties involved and a key move in their overall funding program. NexBank COO and executive vice president, Matt Siekielski added that the acquisition would enable them to give better services to their clients and assist families in saving for college.

It is a unique chance to responsibly expand their platform and continue to achieve their short and long-term goals. College Savings Bank core business focuses on college savings, and it was established in 1987. The company has served as a parents’ partner in preparing their children’s for higher education. It is a program manager CD 529 Indiana College Choice Savings Plan and a bank plan for Arizona Family College Savings Program.

OSI Group’s President And COO

OSI Group has outstanding success and growth for an entire century. Since the start of the millennium, the food production company has pushed itself to new heights and has established a reputation as one of the largest food providers in the world. David McDonald has been with this company for three decades and have experienced the tremendous growth of OSI Group. David McDonald’s start with the company began immediately after college. He was a project manager in one of the man facilities owned by the major food brand. He stuck with the company through the most challenging times and is now at the top of the food industry dominant company.

Although the company is a major corporation today, he has made sure as the chief operating officer that he continues to lead this country with the same morals and principles that first began it. Before David McDonald was the COO of OSI Group and before this company was apart of the trillion dollar food industry, this was just a mere meat market located in Chicago. An immigrant from Europe opened the family business during the twentieth century. Just a few short decades later his small, family ran butcher shop became the supplier for McDonald’s chains nationwide. For the past twenty five years, this food provider has been seeking ways to expand its long list of ventures both domestically and internationally.

One of the ways OSI Group is expanding is through opening more facilities in new markets. They have expressed interest in opening facilities in certain Asian countries to be able to meet the growing needs of their customers in Asia. Additionally, David McDonald has a mission for the food company as well. He wants his meat production brand to be a sustainable brand. He wants his food company to lead the pack of food companies that do not harm the environment. He is making sure his company becomes sustainable by reevaluating their operational practices, making sure animals are treated fairly, being mindful of factors that effect the environment, remembering to protect the earth and also delivering a tasty product consistently.

Randal Nardone’s Contributions in the Finance Industry.

Some people call him Randy. He has worked in various financial institutions for decades. Over the years, he has gained a good reputation for his professionalism. He is also a successful businessman. According to the Forbes Magazine, he is the 557th richest person in the world. He is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and Boston University. Randal Nardone specialized in arts in his higher education. After his education, he joined the job market and became a business leader due to his entrepreneurial endeavors.

He has inspired many people to join the business world. In his previous occupations, he has been commended for his ability to bring the workers together for a common purpose. He is the pioneer of several firms in the country. One of his biggest achievement is the founding of an investment company known as Fortress Investment Group. The firm has been operating for years and has helped thousands of businesspeople to make informed business decisions that guarantee them good returns for their investments. Randal Nardone heads Fortress Investment Group as its Chief Executive Officer since 1998.

Under his leadership, the investment firm has experienced an increase in the customer base. Many clients have benefited from the firm’s services such as the provision of credit funds and private equity. One of his main areas of focus is the range of services it offers. He has strived to increase the number of services available to the clients over the years. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone worked for other firms such as Springleaf Financial Holdings, and Newcastle Investment Holdings.

Recently, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by SoftBank. The new owners chose to retain him at the helm of the firm due to his track record. The acquisition is estimated to be worth about $3.3 billion. All the stakeholders of Fortress Investment Group approved the transaction. Randal Nardone ensured that all the regulatory requirements were met during the process. According to the management of SoftBank, the firm would still use its current business models and would operate as its subsidiary. The new owner is known globally for massive investments in technology.

Fortress Three Top Executives Split $44 Million Bonuses In 2015

GreenSky Credit Grows Rapidly Under the Leadership of Zalik David

The focus on technological improvements has greatly impacted on the performance and growth of GreenSky Credit Firm. This is an organization based in New York that aids other credit firms in their lending operations by offering them financial and technological support. Recently, GreenSky has launched an online platform that has turned tables for both the borrowers and the financial institutions. This platform has ensured that the process of loan application has is smooth and also efficient. The efficiency features through the time used to complete the application process. Customers can fill in the application details and get their loans approved within seconds.

Paperwork and movements of the loan applicants have also been alleviated by the platform, by ensuring that the application can be made through the computers or even at the comfort of the applicants’ smartphones. All the customers are required to do is to get into the GreenSky Credit website and fill in their personal and loan credentials. They are then required to submit the applications, which are then remitted to the credit facility from which the customer is borrowing. Then the financial institution reviews the details and either approves or declines the application. Once the application has been approved, a process that takes few seconds, the funds are processed by GreenSky Credit and remitted to the borrower’s account within the following forty-eight hours.

The main reason behind the success of GreenSky Credit is the leadership pillar that the company possesses. Led by the organization’s President, David Zalik, the employees of the company have been trained to establish and nurture professional business relationships with the interested financial organizations. As a result, GreenSky Credit has entered into partnerships with many financial institutions in the country, which it has leveraged to increase its clientele base. GreenSky Credit has used this approach for years since it was established and it has proved to be quite fruitful in a myriad of ways. One of the ways that the company has realized the fruition of the approach is by the rapid growth of its valuation figure. At the end of last year, Zalik David, the CEO and President of the firm was happy to announce the company’s worth of $3.5 billion after valuation.

Stream Energy’s Charitable Foundation Helps Harvey Victims And The Homeless

Stream Energy, a direct sale energy company based in Dallas, Texas, was recently featured in an article on Patch for solidifying their commitment to compassion and community. Where most lucrative businesses focus solely on profit margins and bottom lines, Stream Energy has chosen to shift its priorities towards customers in crisis after the surrounding area was affected by hurricane damage.

When hurricane Harvey tore through the Texas coast, the area was devastated. The rain and wind were relentless as those near and far stood powerless to help. It was the kind of severe natural disaster that leaves many people displaced and their lives forever altered. Loved ones and pets were lost as public and private property damages soared. No one could stop it from happening, but when the rains eased and the damage was surveyed there was a company ready to act. Stream Energy did not hesitate to provide their assistance through their charitable foundation known as Steam Cares.

Community outreach and support have been and integral part of the Stream Energy business model for over a decade. This commitment is the entire reason There is a charitable arm of such a profitable company. Their financial successes have allowed them to partner with and give back to the community that supports them. Their partnerships with organizations such as Habitat For Humanity and the Red Cross have helped make them a particularly effective partner in combating the issue of homelessness in the Dallas area.

To deliver aid and supplies to those in need after the hurricane, Stream Cares teamed up with the Hope Supply Co. It was through this partnership that food and supplies reached the families in need of it. This act of kindness and generous contributions like it make the highly profitable energy company is helping give Texans the hand they need while they recover from the aftermath of Harvey and beyond.