Edwin Miranda Develops “We Are Ready” Campaign to Highlight Tourism in Puerto Rico

Edwin Miranda is an expert on digital marketing. He founded KOI IXS in 1994 which offers companies access to him and his team’s passion and creativity for creating compelling advertising campaigns online. The campaigns use a mix of user-generated content and influencer marketing which are effective ways of getting attention.

Influencer marketing uses high-profile people’s social media accounts to get brands attention. Edwin Miranda turned to this type of marketing for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria had caused tourism to collapse. The Puerto Rican tourism board hired KOI IXS to get tourists to once again come back. He decided to use Luis Fonsi as an influencer.

Luis Fonsi is the most popular Puerto Rican singer in the world right now. When his hit song “Despacito” was at the top of the charts Edwin Miranda brought him in as Puerto Rico’s global tourism ambassador. Since “Despacito” was playing on radio stations on six continents this was a great way of getting the word out that Puerto Rico was a great option for tourists.

Edwin Miranda and his team at KOI IXS created the “We Are Ready” advertising campaign for Puerto Rico. This campaign showed the culture, food, and music of Puerto Rico and why tourists should travel to this island. In one online video, Luis Fonsi told people that they should visit his beautiful island and take their time to get everything it has to offer.

Edwin Miranda says that using influencer marketing can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with how to use it. It takes experience and the right digital tools to be able to engage in this form of advertising and measure results. His company engages in performance marketing and uses both data and analytics to measure performance and deliver results to their clients.